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Cloud Strategy
Whether you are migrating to cloud, or modernizing existing workloads, our Cloud Computing Specialists will help you through all of it. We will work with you to understand your business needs and advise you on what's best for your organization and how cloud services can be synergized with your company objectives. We'll map dependencies and determine the best options and collaborate with you to develop a secure, reliable and scalable solution.
Vezire Services
Vezire Services
Managed Cloud Services
Managing your AWS environment in-house can be time consuming and an added operational burden for your IT resources. We will continuously monitor your cloud infrastructure and provide affordable, skilled and responsive support 24*7*365. Use Vezire Cloud Managed Services team as your provider to manage, monitor and maintain your cloud applications and infrastructure. Our support engineers will provide dedicated support and manage your SLAs, incidents as well as your security and compliance needs.
Cloud Analytics
Cloud computing keeps evolving as do its analytical abilities. Our experienced cloud architects will implement cloud analytical abilities for your organization thereby delivering a complete suite of benefits such as data discovery, consolidation, sharing and collaboration, integration with existing or new business intelligence systems/tools. Advanced analytics will allow you to create and update prediction models for your organization in real-time. Our value proposition that sets us apart from other cloud consulting firms is that our solutions will be scalable, cost effective and low maintenance.
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