IT Solution Architecture
Web Application Development
Vezire's expert UX designers will work with you to understand your business aspirations and ideas and convert them into tangible wireframes and prototypes. Once your idea comes to life, there are a wide array of technology platform options to choose from. We have solid expertise in the use of solutions such as Magento, Adobe, ShopifyPlus etc. and so your options go far and wide when it comes to you web development project. Our team can create WordPress themes, squarespace designs or microsites to meet your needs. Our robust implementation process and plug and play templates allow for a reduced delivery timeframe which means you accelerate your time to market when you partner with Vezire.
Vezire Services
Vezire Services
Mobile App Development
B2B Apps, Enterprise Management Apps and Consumer Market Apps are all made possible with Vezire's cutting edge app development strategy where going from a Sandbox environment to the App Store is delivered at lightning speed. We've brought many a vision and ideas to life for our customers. We will hold your hands through initiation, requirements creation, technical design, development, testing and delivery so you never have to stress about critical milestones or get hit with unknowns during implementation. Our team of experts is here to collaborate with you through the entire development lifecycle.
CRM Customization & Integrations
Whether you want to start or improve your current business, we have CRM customization and integration solutions available for all businesses. Gone are the days when several disparate standalone systems operated in silos and required manual intervention in order to come up with an enterprise level performance dashboard that made sense. Vezire will integrate your back office standalone systems with your front end apps to create a seamless functioning transformational operating system.
Vezire Services
Vezire Services
Core Business Solutions
Vezire is your trusted partner to perform strategic enterprise wide assessments and early analysis to help identify the right platform solution that will work for your organization. We'll help you identify a foundation that is viable for your business, support you during its implementation, any customization requirements and release. We will work with you to study your organization needs and conduct a careful selection exercise to identity the right foundational platform for you. We work with various Core Business Platforms including but not limited to Salesforce Cloud and WordPress.
UI/UX Framework & Solutions
Our passion is to create UI/UX masterpieces for various lines of businesses to transform and scale the brilliant ideas of our customers into reality through our user research, experience design, interface design, usability testing and front end development expertise. We begin each project with understanding your vision and project goal. We then map your potential idea with existing competitors in the market. We dig deep into understanding consumer behavior before we begin crafting a product roadmap. Our wireframes, visual design and prototyping will bring your ideas to life before we begin any actual development work. Our process is sure to delight you every step of the way. Contact us with your design idea today!
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